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Track Local Rainfall Totals with RainDrop App

Discover the RainDrop App for accurate local rainfall totals without a physical rain gauge. Get up-to-date rainfall data directly on your device.

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Is There an App for Local Rainfall Totals?

Indeed, there is an app named RainDrop designed to provide you with accurate rainfall data for any location of your choice. It's like having a personal rain gauge in your pocket, minus the actual rain gauge.

Here's How to download the Rain Drop App

For iPhone owners, the RainDrop app is ready for you to download directly from the iOS app here. If you're using an Android device, there's no need to worry. Join our waiting list by adding your email here and we'll notify you the moment RainDrop becomes available for Android. It's coming your way shortly!

RainDrop is The Best Rain Gauge App

But don't just listen to us—here are the experiences of those who use

    • Great app

      Useful for tracking how much water has real fallen in the areas of interest. Use it to help conserve water. This intern has decreased my water bill. No more guessing and lawn still looks good.

      @Heart water
    • Awesome App

      I love this app! Been looking for something like this for a long time and this is perfect for what I want! Always want to know how much rain we had. Thank you!

    • Great App

      Exactly what I’ve been wanting. Very simple rain totals for desired locations. Just installed it, will give it a shake out, but the features available are awesome. Thank you!!

      @987654321 nick name
    • Perfect!

      Straightforward app that lets you select from past 24 hrs, 72 hrs, month, or year and at your exact location. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

    • No other app does this

      This is a simple app, but no other app provides this information. It’s clear, easy to read, and reliable. I love it. Recommend highly.

    • Great app!

      Easy, accurate very local rainfall info.

      @Explor r
    • Great app to track rain

      I love this app. Love being able to track the rain on my hay field and at my house.

    • Works well

      I use this app often as a farmer. Works well for our operation.

    • Reliable rain gauge

      Finally a reasonable, reliable on-line rain gauge. With multiple fields located 20 miles apart over 60 sq miles, it’s essential to our harvest schedule. Thank you for the program others want an exorbitant monthly fee to utilize.


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